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Diamonds Lab Grown Vs Natural

Diamond is a Diamond See the Chart Below


Lab-Grown Diamonds are Made of Carbon

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical composition and physical characteristics as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are not considered fake.


Natural Diamonds are Made of Carbon

The term “natural diamonds” is often used to denote stones that have formed naturally, as opposed to ones that have been created artificially. In that sense, “natural diamond” is simply a synonym for “natural

PROPERTIES Lab-Grown Natural
Hardness (MOHS) 10 10
SP3 Carbon Diamond Bonds (%) 100% 100%
Internal Crystal Structure Face-Centered Cubic Face-Centered Cubic
Hardness Comparable 242 2.42
Color H to E grades K to D Grades
Clarity VS2 - VVSI I3 - VVSI
Cut Very Good to Ideal Poor to Ideal
Polish Very Good to Ideal Poor to Ideal
Guaranteed Conflict-Free yes May be
Production Created in a laboratory with no toxic or harmful by-products Open-pit strip mines and underground mines create large amounts of toxic waste
Price per carat for identical Cut, Clarity and Color Lab-created diamonds cost up to 50% less than an earth-natural diamond equivalent. Natural diamonds pricing depends on cut to carat
Price $$ $$$$$

Lab-Grown Vs Natural Diamonds


Although lab-grown and natural diamonds are made of the same material, they often differ with respect to clarity.


Most natural diamonds have visible natural flaws such as black spots, specks, blemishes, lines, etc.

Color & Clarity


Lab-grown diamonds are now available from D to E in color and VS2 to VVSI in clarity. Until now, beauty like this had not been seen in large-lab created diamonds!


Natural diamonds typically range from J to E in color and I3 to VVSI in clarity. This will vary greatly depending upon price and location.



Lab-grown diamonds are Superior Quality. As type LLA, they are the purest form of diamond, meaning they are harder and have more brilliance then a natural type la diamond. Only 2% of natural diamonds will ever achieve this level of perfection.


98% of natural diamonds are a type LA. These diamonds are very common and contain more impurities, often causing the diamond to appear pale yellow or brown in color.



Lab-grown diamonds are up to 50% less than natural diamonds.


Pricing is artifically controlled with pricing soaring vastly above their actual worth.

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