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It must be really insane right? Buying jewelry online was unheard of 15 years ago, and now direct manufacturers like us can offer you amazing jewelry through the internet. But now how do you decide who to work with? There are definitely so many players out there but when it comes to this decision - it’s pretty simple! You pick us because of our credentials, passion for the work, and dedication to YOU.

I cut my first diamond when I was 18 years old and put up my own jewelry manufacturing unit when I was 22. With more than 30 years of experience behind me, I got tired of selling to wholesalers or retailers on the street in 2008. They never paid their bills on time and I knew I could do more for the end consumer. So, I started Trijewels, one of the first online jewelry companies, for you.

We are based out of New York City, have our own manufacturing unit, hand pick our own gemstones and offer more than 15,000 styles. In a short amount of time, we have grown our presence all over the world selling to more than 25000 customers. We’ve grown as the internet has grown - making sure that we are available on top marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart too!

Jewelry is supposed to be handed down from generation to generation, and that is our goal for each and every piece that we send out. With Trijewels, the most important business decision is to look after you. You, the customer is our number one priority, any time you buy a piece of jewelry from us we are humbled - this is what we love to do!

All of our jewelry and gemstones are sourced are conflict free from our factory and we try our best to use eco-friendly raw material. As a part of Jewelers Vigilance Committee and Better Business Bureau, you can be reassured that these pieces are made with the utmost care. All our pieces come with limited lifetime warranty and guarantee and with Appraisal Certificates for insurance replacement reasons.We hope you can give us a chance to be a part of your life and We become ‘Your Personal eJeweler’.

By the way we are in the heart of New York City, very close to Times Square, if you are around and want to come over and meet us or want to see how jewelry is made please stop by, as we are a factory not a showroom you may need to call in advance and set up an appointment, just let us know a day in advance it is that easy.

Vijay M Bhatia
CEO & Founder