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SKU : R-10970FI1I2DRUR Price : $690.00

Absolutely fabulous!

Reviewed Jul 14, 2018

Awesome company - this was my second purchase from TriJewels and the ring is once again perfect! Vijay and his team went above and beyond to expedite the order and deliver in spades. Their professionalism, customer service and product are above par. I will be a lifetime customer!

Gerd Wuestemann
Phoenix, Arizona

SKU : R-142010PW Price : $2,559.00

Floating Diamond Aniversary Band

Reviewed Jul 03, 2018

Great Service made for an incredibly comfortable online experience! Vijay & Prina were great, and the band is beautiful.

Stephanie N
Livonia, Michigan

SKU : RB-105128023W Price : $623.00

Great company. Wonderful service.

Reviewed Jun 16, 2018

Got a call to confirm order shortly after placing order. All details were validated. Ring fit perfectly and the option of yellow diamonds made my fiancée very happy. Hard to find online. Thanks for all that you guys do!!!

David Mathis
Blue Ridge, Georgia

SKU : BC-101453015W Price : $1,637.00

Tanzanite and diamond bracelet

Reviewed Jun 15, 2018

I love the color of tanzanite and thought I needed a diamond and tanzanite bracelet to wear with diamond and tanzanite hoop earrings.

Jenny L adkison
Shawnee, Oklahoma

SKU : BC-10145304Y Price : $1,733.00

Blue Topaz and diamond bracelet.

Reviewed Jun 15, 2018

I decided that I needed an additional blue topaz tennis bracelet with diamonds to add to my topaz collection.

Jenny L adkison
Shawnee, Oklahoma

SKU : TZE-207670R Price : $779.00


Reviewed Jun 15, 2018

Then after I got my diamond bracelet then I had to have the diamond earrings to match of course.

Jenny L adkison
Shawnee, Oklahoma

SKU : BC-1014530R Price : $1,981.00

Tennis diamond Bracelet

Reviewed Jun 15, 2018

I love my new diamond bracelet - it completes my diamond set. Even my family notices the bracelet when I wear it.

Jenny L adkison
Shawnee, Oklahoma

SKU : RBR-3030-C-RDW Price : $7,383.00

14 k Diamond bridal set

Reviewed May 15, 2018

The most incredible experience..!! most beautiful piece i’ve ever get..!! Vijay’s excellent service and attention from distance... absolutelly pleased with everything..!!

Angelica O

SKU : R-104307YSY Price : $1,278.00

Beautiful Ring

Reviewed May 01, 2018

Very responsive. They catered to all of my wants. Thank you.Great service

Lewinale H

SKU : TIR-1546IW Price : $8,749.00

Look no further...

Reviewed Apr 26, 2018

I have made two purchases from Tri-Jewels and, in terms of online retail jewelry, you just can’t do better than this company. The quality, attention to detail, customer service, and sincerity of service which Vijay and Tri-Jewels provides is second to none. I look forward to making more purchases at Tri-Jewels.

Ryan D

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